Hinduphobia Incident Reporting Helpline for all Canadian Hindus

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A few days back Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who is the president of Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) organization attacked Hindu-Canadians asking them to leave Canada and go back to India. This has created fear amongst Hindu-Canadians across the country.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Canada strongly condemns such hateful comments & threats and stands in solidarity with the entire Hindu community of Canada. Such hateful comments are a cause of concern for Canadian Hindus & should be condemned by all citizens of the country. VHP Canada team urges all Hindus living in Canada to stay calm but vigilant to this hateful threat.

To make sure we track any such Hateful Hindupbobia incidents our community is facing in Canada we have launched a Hinduphobia Incident Reporting Helpline. If you or someone you know has been a possible victim of a similar Hinduphobia incident (Hateful speech, intimidation, harassment, physical violence, attack to a personal property etc) please let us know by filling the below form. https://forms.gle/ShdiRC5Lf1uXCD3z7

The first step in stopping Hinduphobia is reporting it so please do report any incident to your local Law enforcement authorities and fill the above form to submit the incident information to the VHP Canada team. The more data we have, the better we can work with law enforcement / government authorities to identify areas of concern and ensure the safety of our families, property and community in Canada.

Kindly share this form with other Hindu community members in your circle. If you are a Temple or Hindu Canadian organization please share it with an email list so the maximum number of Hindu Canadians are aware about this helpline form.

With support from each one of you we can build a strong and resilient community to face such Hate crimes together.


VHP Canada

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